2018sdf_airguitarSTEAM Maker Design an Air Guitar Challenge

Grade Levels: K-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7–8 , 9-12

Team Size: From 1 to 4 students (All members of a team must be within the same competing grade level)

Team Qualifications: This challenge series is open to all schools, groups, home schools, or private organizations. 

Fees / Costs: a $2.50 Kit fee is required for each team in this challenge. 

Kit Pickup: Kits can be picked up at the STEAM Maker Workshop on March 28th

Event day: All entries must be signed in at the registration desk at the STEAM Maker Festival by 9:30 on June 13th

April 30, 2018 Registration date is not past, please consider joining us for the Dec 1st STEAM Maker Festival

Design a Clock Rubric


The Design a Air Guitar is an art and creativity challenge in which students, working alone or in teams design their one-of-a-kind clock and bring it to the STEAM Maker festival. Students are free to use any artistic medium of their choice. Clock Kits will be available for pickup at the STEAM Maker Office on March 28th

Rules and Regulations:

  • Each team is comprised of 1-5 students.
  • Each team will use only one Design a Clock kit for the base design of their clock.
  • All art must be the work of the students(s) on the team.
  • All art must be done during the designated creation period.
  • All entries must be on display at the Festival for Judging.  

How to Win:

At the STEAM Maker Air Guitars will be on display. Awards will be given for creativity, originality, functionality, and popular vote.