There is always lots to do and see at the Summer STEAM Maker Festival2018_p-042018_p-03

Nerdy Derby
Air Rockets
Bridge Sticks

Air Rockets (Grades 1-12): Ready for launch! Learn how to design and test your own air rocket made from materials you can easily find at home. Using compressed air, have fun with aerodynamic forces and test your skill at launching your own rocket at targets! Can you hit the mark?

Bridgestix (Grade 1-8): All builders welcome! Create structures, bridges, or zany contraptions using imagination and the power of physics. Test and explore your very own ideas and have fun with the forces of tension, compression and tensile strength. Are you up for the challenge of creating the tallest structure?

Nerdy Derby (Grade 1-12): The race is on! Read, set, goooo! Build your own wooden derby car and test it in a race against others to see who can go the fastest down a sweet 16 foot race track. You will be provided wheels, a wooden car body, screws, and a screwdriver, its then up to you to create the fastest derby car ever! Not for the faint of heart.

Conductivity Grades 1-12): What materials can be used in electronics? Depending on its conductive properties, some materials are better than others. Using the tools of the trade, test and learn which materials allow electrons to flow. It may not be what you think. Come learn for yourself!